For the second season of VIGIL we aimed to embody the series’ thematic shift, centring on drone warfare and the UK’s intricate Middle Eastern relations. We visually represented this through advanced drones and fighter jets, symbols of modern combat, intertwined with archival footage to weave in human elements. This fusion of technology and humanity was designed to emphasise the narrative’s depth and gravity.

The sequence artfully juxtaposes the precise machinery of drones with human actions, such as the pressing of a button, illustrating the duality of contemporary warfare: mechanically distant yet deeply personal. This interplay invites viewers to ponder the ethical dilemmas of drone warfare. Our method integrated 3D animation, live-action, and archival footage, crafting a sequence that serves as both an introduction to the series and a distinct artistic piece.

Capturing the series’ unique, warm, and dusty ambiance, the sequence merges historical context with contemporary themes. The act of pressing a button emerges as a potent symbol of control and its far-reaching consequences, underscoring the moral complexities involved. Our goal was to balance the depiction of cutting-edge drone technology with the human aspects of conflict, integrating political content sensitively to ensure authenticity and respect. An intricate dance of technology, policy and humanity, narrating a story that reflects the nuances of modern conflict and the timeless essence of human connections.

Peter Anderson Studio VIGIL_2_title_sequence02
Peter Anderson Studio VIGIL_2_title_sequence06


Tom Edge (Lovesick, The Crown)


Andy De Emmony


Suranne Jones (Doctor Foster, Gentleman Jack), Rosie Leslie (Game of Thrones)



Our sequence unfolds as we make a measured descent into the icy, mysterious expanse of Scottish waters. The 3D construct of the submarine, VIGIL, becomes our guiding vessel, its presence gradually morphing and blending with an immersive collection of archival footage. The backdrop becomes a living tapestry, representing not only the physical but the metaphorical tensions and intrigue of the current and past Cold War.

As we delve deeper, we pay close attention to VIGIL’s minute details, its stark, mechanical complexity contrasting with the fluid, unfathomable depths surrounding it. The submarine stands as a stark juxtaposition against the organic, raw mystery of the deep sea, echoing the stark realities and contradictions of the human condition during times of political conflict.

Alongside this underwater journey, we weave in expansive, sweeping panoramas of the tranquil Scottish coastline. This visual inclusion offers a stark counterpoint to our underwater odyssey, grounding us with scenes of natural serenity and breathtaking beauty.

This combination of focused submarine detail, broad scenic vistas, and the evolving narrative of the Cold War creates a compelling and multifaceted title sequence, setting the tone for the series to come.


Tom Edge (Judy, The Crown, Strike), Ed Macdonald (The End Of The F***ing World)


Isabelle Sieb (Shetland, The Athena), James Strong (Broadchurch, Vanity Fair, Liar)


Suranne Jones (Gentleman Jack, Doctor Foster), Rose Leslie (Game Of Thrones, The Good Fight), Shaun Evans (Endeavour, Whitechapel), Anjli Mohindra (Bodyguard, Bancroft), Martin Compston (Line Of Duty, Mary Queen Of Scots), Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers, Peep Show), Connor Swindells (Sex Education, Jamestown), Adam James (Belgravia, Doctor Foster), and Gary Lewis (His Dark Materials, Billy Elliot)

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Peter Anderson Studio Vigil Title Sequence -22
Peter Anderson Studio Vigil Title Sequence -23